Sustainable fishing practices are gaining more momentum in the Douglas Shire with another Fishing For the Future event scheduled.

The next instalment calls for charter fishers in the Douglas Shire to come together for a workshop at the Port Douglas Community Hall on Wednesday 25 August.

The workshop aims to bring the various fishing charter operators and stakeholders together to discuss sustainable fishing practices including stewardship for the local fishery and environment.

Discussion will centre around future fisheries management and encourage the development of a professional charter fishers association.

The workshop will be facilitated by Marine Biologist, and Fishing For the Future front-man, Phil Laycock.

“We have a great range of fishing charter opportunities in the Douglas shire for everyone from the occasional family fisher to those ultra-keen experienced fishers looking for that dream experience,” Laycock said.

“More and more people are thinking about sustainability and the future of a fishery when choosing where and who they fish with. With the support of the Douglas Shire Council and the Local Marine Advisory Committee, our local charter fishing industry has the opportunity to stand out and champion their sustainability credentials.

“Every charter operator should see this opportunity to come together and workshop a Douglas Shire Charter fishers code of conduct and environmental stewardship message to make a statement that says charter operators in the Douglas shire are both professional and sustainable, caring for their clients and the future of fishing in the region.

Fishing for the Future Charter Fishers Workshop:

Wednesday 25 August
Port Douglas Community Hall
6.30 – 8:00pm (arrive 6.15pm for a 6.30pm start)

The workshop is one of the initiatives of a $15,000 grant to promote sustainable fishing practices in the Douglas Shire.