A new brand of boat has docked at the Crystalbrook Superyacht Marina with the Sahana taking up residence in Port Douglas for the next eight months.

The luxurious vessel has made the journey from Sydney and the Gold Coast to offer clients a new and opulent way to enjoy the reef.

Sahana Skipper, Paul Busk, said he is excited to showcase the region from the decks of the superyacht. “I absolutely love it being in Port Douglas,” he said. “We mostly target short term charters and take people out to the reef.

Captain Busk has a long history of boating with his great grandfather, grandfather and father all making a living from fishing. He is also an ex-commercial fisherman, learning the ropes when he was just five years old and says the Sahana is a long way from where he began. “It’s definitely different but I love it and love being out on the ocean; it’s part of what I do,” he said.

The 36.5 metre Sahana boasts room for 70 guests on a day trip with room for eight to sleep on board. It had a major refurbishment in 2014 and the sleek minimalist design is more reminiscent of a penthouse apartment than a seafaring vessel.

The Sahana also caters for those who are not as comfortable on the water with state-of-the-art stabilisation technology. “She is a long-range boat and very comfortable,” Captain Busk said. “She is dual stabilised; so, we have big track fins underneath and gyros so she will stay stabilised and be comfortable even for guests who might not be used to the ocean.”

Captain Busk said every detail, from the yacht and the crew, is perfectly curated to give guests a memorable and flawless experience on board. “We’ve been in charter since 2015 and we’ve quickly worked our way to the top of the Australian market,” he said. “We have worked hard to be as professional we can be which is particularly good for international guests because they know they can get the same product here they can get overseas.”

The Sahana will be in Port Douglas for this season with a view to make winters up here a regular occurrence.

Source: https://www.newsport.com.au/2019/may/superyacht-sahana-to-give-opulent-taste-of-port-douglas/