Spirit Superyacht is making waves and turning heads as she arrives at her new home for the season in Port Douglas.

The arrival of My Spirit Superyacht to the Crystalbrook Marina better solidifies Port Douglas as a high-profile superyacht destination.

The 35-meter wave piercer demands attention with a stunning design that catches the eye, showcasing sleek muscular exterior lines that will leave marina visitors ogling at the sheer scale and luxury of the vessel.

Martin and Jo Debanks – Captain and Chef team of Spirit Luxury Charters along with their professional hand-picked crew had a bit of a rainy start to their voyage from Brisbane to Port Douglas but are elated to be berthed in the idyllic town.

Captain Martin said Port Douglas is an obvious choice for a luxury yacht mooring with its world-class facilities, 5-star resorts and renowned restaurants.

Swaying palm trees, sandy beaches and both the Great Barrier Reef and Daintree Rainforest on its doorstep, Port Douglas bursts with all the natural gifts of Mother Nature.

“We just love coming here. Whenever we’re in Port Douglas we can’t help but feel like we’re on holiday,” said Jo.

Have you ever dreamed of a super lux, super indulgent vacation onboard a superyacht that is usually reserved for A list celebs, royalty and titans of industry?

Martin and Jo have a passion for making sea-loving dreams come true for most anyone. Both with over 26 years of worldwide yachting experience the two specialize in bespoke experiences up and down the East coast and to the beautiful, remote South Pacific Islands, Solomon Islands and Papua New Guinea.

“In my opinion, this is the most stunning and safest yachting adventure you’ll have in the world,” said Martin.

This speaks volumes considering Martin and Jo have recently completed two global circumnavigations.

“Living in the Tropical Great Barrier Reef region we get the best of both words – the beauty of the nature on land while still being able to dip a toe in the water on our personalized charters,” said Jo.

It has been proven that superyachts inject ample revenue into the economy of the destination they harbour in, from crew spend, maintenance and repairs, to provisions. However, due to the COVID climate, Spirit have had to position themselves a bit differently.

With a client base that is predominantly International, they have had the good fortune to be able to shift those charters to later dates.

“Our focus is now on clients from Australia, to get them to discover what’s in their backyard. This is the ideal time for anyone who has ever wondered what it would be like to vacation on a superyacht like Spirit, it’s first-class all the way,” said Martin.

Forward bookings are looking strong for those Australians looking to soak in the scent of the ocean, and relish in the chic boat life floating the days away in comfort and style.

Imagine, the gentle rocking of the ocean, salty sea breeze, fresh culinary delights at your whim while sailing to sensational locations that makes real life actually look like what you see on Instagram.

“Where better to practice social distancing than on a yacht?” Said Jo – surrounded by the sea and your loved ones, makes this the safest and most low-risk holidays you can have.

“Plus, you don’t get cleaner than superyacht clean,” she jokes referring to the constant cleaning and detailing of the ‘floating hotel’ – once you finish polishing end to end, time to turn around and do it again.

If a getaway on a luxury superyacht sounds pretty good right now with a culinary extravaganza that is the wind in the sails of any indulgent charter, come and have a porthole peek at My Spirit yacht moored at Crystalbrook Marina and say “Ahoy” to Martian and Jo.

For more information visit My Spirit Superyacht or call +61 408 503 339.