The final piece of the Bally Hooley puzzle fell into place yesterday with the arrival of Bundy to Choo Choos at the Marina.

Bundy joins Speedy and Nelson at the station and while there remains a small amount of restoration work to be done on Bundy, the trains are currently in position and where they will remain on display in perpetuity.

Bundy was commissioned by the Mossman Mill in 1952 and built in Bundaberg by Bundaberg Foundry.

Owner of Choo Choos and the person responsible for the restoration, John Morris, told Newsport that they’ve managed to preserve the history forever.

“This completes the display and they are in perfect condition. It’s fantastic that the public and visitors to the region will now be able to view this fascinating piece of history forever,” Mr Morris said.

“If anyone else has any memorabilia they’re wanting to display, please get in touch. We’d love to take a look,” he said.

Mr Morris also said that there are plans to bring another steam train and carriage that belongs to the Douglas Shire Historical Society to rest across the road opposite the marina.